Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comic Relief


That is the name of an online comic book I stumbled across written by one Dan Woodman. Dan Woodman, according to his "About the Artist" page, is "...mildly autistic. The process of creating SOIL is intended to be therapeutic as well as humorous. Dan identifies with SOIL’s characters — especially Cory — who illustrates many of Dan’s own personal challenges..."

I read some of Dan's comic strips and found them to be wry, and funny, and very good at representing specific challenging aspects of Asperger's Syndrome.

Regardless, it is very nice to see the culmination of the effort and creativity that Dan is applying to this comic strip. I would be thrilled to see "SOIL" make it in to a mainstream setting such as a major newspaper so that more people could be exposed to Dan's work. If you explore the website you will see that "SOIL" has been seen in some local papers and has some nice reviews as well. There is even a book, cited as "A massive collection of SOIL in one volume!"

So kudos to Dan Woodman and "SOIL", which now ranks as my second favorite comic strip on the subject of autism. My absolute favorite? Square Talk, by Bev at Asperger Square 8.