Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Grade, Another Great Teacher

J has been so blessed with being placed with the most outstanding teachers in his few years of school. Last year, Ms. D'Nealian created an opportunity for The Best Story Ever and even sent postcards to our little guy. This year, Ms. Potato continued the string of superior educators, and was integral in fostering an atmosphere of patience and respect for J in his first grade classroom. Along with the help of J's classroom aide, Ms. Kathy, J had a good year in which he developed some friendships and had strong academic success.
It is amazing to think I wrote about J's Preschool graduation here just two years ago, and now he has graduated first grade.

J has a lot of struggles with transitions, and he was fully aware yesterday that the school year was coming to an end. Even before we left the classroom, his eyes were misty and the corners of his mouth turned down as he anticipated the end of his time in Ms. Potato's class. By the time we finished his afternoon session (and his little brother's too) at REINS, and headed off to dinner, he was downright morose. Not to worry - Ms. Potato is just a phone call away, and after a brief phone call J was feeling marginally better. Today, J will write a letter to Ms. Potato - an exercise that always seems to help him sort and settle things out.

Here is the message the Ms. Potato had for us parents. If you had ever met this wonderful teacher, you'd know that she means every word of it.


K said...

Looks like a great letter. Did you mean for the picture to pop out? It's not working on my Safari browser. I would love to read it.

Steve D said...

I don't know, K. I've not used Safari. For some reason it won't blow up on Chrome either - perhaps because it is a scanned image? I'll work on it.

Club 166 said...

Good for J, good for you, and props to the school.

Have a great summer!

Joe (who was barely able to read the letter by squinting-it's nice).