Monday, June 15, 2009

Encore at USD

I am very pleased to inform friends and readers that a small group of Autism Hub bloggers will once again be presenting at the University of San Diego's Autism Institute on Friday, June 26.

This year's conference is titled "Together We Can Do It!: Building Personalized Supports and Instruction Through Relationships and Collaboration", a very appropriate title that once again captures the approach espoused by Drs. Anne Donnellan and Jodi Robledo who lead the Autism Institute. Read here for a piece I wrote about the type of work Drs. Robledo and Donnellan have published.

I am very proud to stand together with Bev and Dad of Cameron in presenting to the audience of professional educators and service delivery providers, and hope that the diversity of our own opinions and styles of delivery give the attendees a feel for the diversity of thought and opinion that is represented by the Autism Hub.

This will be the third time the three of us have assembled for this purpose, and I hope that our presentation will be met with the same level of enthusiasm as we have experienced in the past. You can read more about those remarkable experiences here (January 2008), here and here (June 2008).

If you are a casual reader of this blog or the Autism Hub in general, if you have an interest in the type of things we will be discussing, we'd love to see you in San Diego in two weeks. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Thanks to Bev for the great poster!