Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Autism Hub Presentation

To those who are visiting after attending the Autism Hub presentation at the University of San Diego Autism Institute Winter Conference, I want to say: Welcome! Thank you for attending, and for showing an interest in the goings-on of the Autism Hub. I sincerely hope you apreciated our presentation and that you have a good feel for who we are, what we do, and why we do it. I encourage you to take look around the Hub and spend some time reading each blog. There is much to be learned by doing so. If you see things you like, have a question for one of the writers, or would like clarification on something, leave a comment for the author. Many of us are quite responsive, and would love to learn from your experiences as we share ours.

And to the Autism Hub bloggers - I, for one, was proud to represent you today. We showed some great videos prepared by some Hub veterans, including Estee, Kev, Autism Diva, and Do'C. Lisa/Jedi, Kassiane, ABFH, Jeanette, Casdok, Sharon, and Ken from Autism News Beat were featured in Autism Diva's video.
Bev from Asperger Square 8 and Dad of Cameron both shared in the presentation and acquitted themselves marvellously. Bev talked about autism self-advocacy on the internet as well as discussing many Hub particulars and her own brand of blogging, and James added his capable voice to the discussion of autism science on the Hub. Bev and HollywoodJaded created wonderful flyers for distribution (I'll try to post the PDF at some point so you can see it).

I am proud to have stood next to my two co-presenters, and proud to have represented all of the Hub bloggers' efforts over the years.

Over 2,000 posts. Over 60,000 comments. Attitudes changed. Policy affected. Lives improved. Science advanced. I am humbled to be a part of this.

I want to thank Dr. Anne Donnellan for providing us the opportunity to do this, and Shannon Harrington for her efforts in orchestrating a great conference overall.


Camille said...


Casdok said...

Sounds wonderful.
Thank you for being there!

Alyric said...

Well done all:) When do we get to see the video?

Another Autism Mom said...

I spent the Holidays in San Diego and I'm so sad I couldn't stay long enough to attend your presentation. Is there a chance we can see the transcripts or videos?

Thank you!

Club 166 said...

Thanks for doing this, Steve.

I hope that you can post the presentations on the web in some format.


Ed said...

Thank you from me too Steve.
Also to everyone else who participated.

Anonymous said...

Your presentation was fabulous. It was my favorite part of the conference. Thanks for the great information.

Anonymous said...

And now when are you going to post what you didn't have time to say on Day Two?!

misha_k said...

Thanks for being there. I read so many of the blogs from the Hub. Like many here I hope to see a video or something of the presentation.

Urban Farm said...

Thanks so much for your presentation. I have overcome my 'fear of blogs' because you, Bev and James welcomed me.

So... When do we see the post of your part of the presentation that did not get presented?

Thanks for your important work here.

Urban Farm said...
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Bink said...

Is there any link to Martha Leary's exercise where typical people have to avoid certain speech conventions? Or could you describe it at fuirther length? I would be really interested in looking it over. My child has hit a rough patch at school with communicating with a certain teacher. I try anything I can think of to make people understand how things are for her and this exercise seems like just the thing...can anyone help? Thanks.

Urban Farm said...

Dear Bink,
contact me - I'm Urban Farm. I'll describe it for you.

Steve D said...

Hello commenters!
For those who want to see a video or transcript of the presentation, I can't make any promises right now for various reasons, not the least of which is that my appointed "videographer" had camera trouble. I will try to see if portions of the video can be made available by any others who may have recorded it (I am aware of at least one).

As far as my portion of the presentation, I will condense that into a blog entry within a day or two. Thanks for your interest in hearing it. Quite interestingly, Holly (Peyton's friend), mirrored many of my thoughts during her ad lib comments during Peyton's session.

And Bink, how fortunate that Martha has read your comment. Let me know if you need any help contacting her. Thanks, Martha, for making yourself available - that's wonderful.
And in case this part of our message fell short on Tuesday, this is a great example of how the Autism Hub can be a resource for autistic individuals and those who love them :)