Monday, January 7, 2008

USD Winter Conference Day One

Can I say enough good things about the folks at the USD Autism Institute? After attending day one of the Winter Conference, the answer is a resounding NO!

I am, as I was during the July conference, simply amazed at the ability of this group of presenters to make us think about our understanding of autism.

I would love to break down today's sessions with a scintillating discussion of Presumption of Competence, the "I Don't Know" tenet, and an expansion of the discussion of Movement Differences, but I can't.

I also would love to go on about how much I enjoyed the company of Bev from Asperger Square 8 during today's sessions. But I'm going to settle for this little blurb:

In one exercise, Martha Leary had us attempting some speech while limiting our use of certain common language conventions. This exercise was designed to help us realize how it might feel to have speech limitations. Bev explained to me afterwards how this exercise felt in relation to her typical efforts involved in conversation and speech. Contrasted with the way the exercise impacted my abilities, I picked up some new insight as to how it may feel to spend the day as an autistic person. Thanks, Bev, and I hope you enjoy San Diego as much as we enjoy having you here!

The reason I am limiting this post is: I need to be ready to do the Autism Hub presentation tomorrow! I still have some touch-up work to do, and I need to make sure the videos will play properly and my talking points are in order.

So goodnight for now, and wish us luck tomorrow. Bev, Dad of Cameron, and myself will be presenting about the Hub, and we hope to do all the Hub Bloggers proud!


Camille said...

Sounds wonderful!! I hope everything goes exactly as planned for tomorrow.