Thursday, January 17, 2008

Katie and Family...

The Autism Hub is a community of people, and it stands for many things.

Today, we stand for one thing. Today, we stand for the memory of Katie McCarron.

There are lessons to be learned from the tragic loss of Katie.
There are things I would like to say about how wonderful the McCarrons are.
There is an urge to understand how things like this happen.
Today is not the day for any of those things. Today is a day for a moment of silence, a moment of reflection. Today is a day that I hug my own kids a bit tighter, that I appreciate my own parents for the positive choices they made during my childhood.

Today, Katie looks down from heaven and smiles while we shed a tear, gather ourselves together, and stride forth into the world to enact the words of Katie's father, Paul McCarron, who today said:
"I ask all parents and especially those of children with disabilities to ALWAYS love your children and be proud of them. Cherish every moment you have with them. Love, patience and tender efforts are the best therapies."

God bless Katie McCarron and her family.


notmercury said...

Amen. Thank you Steve

r.b. said...

Love, patience and tender efforts are the best therapies
Wisdom born of such pain!

Club 166 said...

Sometimes a silent tribute speaks volumes more than everything else we could say.



Daisy said...

Such a strong tribute -- reminding us to love our children for themselves, neurotypical or disabled, average, low, or high ability. Thank you for the always-valuable reminder.

Mike McCarron said...


Thank you for such a nice article. My entire family is relieved that this portion of the ordeal is finally finished.