Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Simple Greeting Exchange

I have been, as some of you have noticed, quite absent from the online/blogging/autism community as of late. I realize everyone is busy, but my particular version of "busy" has - to paraphrase a classic Mel Brooks line - hit "ludicrous speed". I hope that soon I'll be able to return some focus to this area.

Still, I periodically come across a really meaningful piece of information or postulation that I feel rounds out my understanding of - or appreciation of - the autistic experience. To that end, I'd like to link to an excellent short piece about The Simple Greeting Exchange.

The writer is one Alan Griswold. Am I the only one who would like to offer this guy an invitation to join the Autism Hub? Dig into the archives of his blog for some excellent reading.


Fleecy said...

This looks like a very interesting and maybe also a very informative (so much the better) blog. Thank you for calling attention to it.

Joe said...

Thank-you for bringing this blog to light. It's beautifully written, anti-Academy but academical and celebrates the beauty and wonder of the autistic mind.

My favourite moment? There are, in all, four readers' comments. One of them, however, is illustrious. In response to one of his entries, an attack on the English philosopher A.C. Grayling, there is a lengthy response from none other than Prof Grayling himself.

I love the thought of Grayling scouring the web in search of anyone daring to have a pop at him.

To be fair, he launches a robust defence of his weekend supplement philosophising. Sadly, he was too busy defending himself to have anything to say about autism.

Alan Griswold said...


Thanks for the plug! And it's great to see you posting again, especially about the "ludicrous speed" adventures of your family. I look forward to reading more.