Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How To Cook A Turkey

J had a homework assignment that asked him to write down how a Thanksgiving Turkey is cooked.
Here is the outcome of his efforts:

Since J's handwriting is a bit shaky, here is the translation:

"List of Ingredients"
4 cups of sugar

First find a turkey then put corn in it. then put 4 cups of sugar on it. put it in the microwave and cook it for four seconds.

Mmmmmmm.... I sure am looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner this year!


Jen said...

Hmmmm...that would be one sweet turkey! Maybe he's on to something.

bullet said...

But is that caster or granulated sugar? :P

Niksmom said...

Um, perhaps this would be the year to either go vegetarian or dine out? *wink*

Alyric said...

Caramelised turkey huh?

Bev said...

Imagine: a Thanksgiving dinner ready in 4 seconds. And no need to bake a pie separately! That's the sort of efficiency most every cook would appreciate. Very good ideas, J.

Anonymous said...

We suggest J enrolls in a culinary school in Italy. Or perhaps Plymouth, MA. Chaperoned by his Gramma and Papa, of course, who would prefer traditional turkey over the carmelized version. See you in a week!

Anonymous said...

Bev, J wanted me to tell you he's glad you liked his idea's. He was so excited that you said that. Thanks L