Sunday, September 9, 2007

DAN! Linebacker

Tell me, how useful would it be to have one of these guys at most DAN! practitioners' offices on a typical day?

Can't you just picture it?
Dr. Whitelie is speaking to his patients' parents, lines of concern etched upon his forehead. "Our testing indicates that what your son needs," he says , adding a pause for dramatic effect, "is 2 hours per day with this ionizing foot detoxifier." Footsteps ........... *SLAM*! Dr. Whitelie is hurled against the wall of his office, breaking the framed diploma from 'Winthrop Online University'. His Board Certifications fly all over the office ... oh, wait he has no Board Certifications. His Foot Detoxifier is broken into a hundred pieces.

Yup, Terry Tate, DAN! Linebacker.

(Note: This post is done in humor, and I wish no physical harm on any DAN! practitioner, except maybe the one who is a child molester.)


Anonymous said...

I like that idea. If Terry Tate broke any bones or a spine, or a skull or anything, the DAN! doc could treat himself easily with chelation and a homeopathic dilution of ivy juice.... and the ionic foot bath, and maybe a high colonic.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose we could get Terry to go to a DAN! conference or Autism One? He'd get a real workout.

notmercury said...

I love that video.

Prometheus said...

I really have to stop drinking tea when I'm perusing the 'blogs. Now I've got to clean off the monitor screen again. And I hope I didn't get any into the keyboard.

Although I'm not a great believer in using violence to change people's minds, I might make an exception, if this were the case.