Friday, August 24, 2007

Moms, too...

Since I dedicated my entire previous post to "Dad Moments", it only seems appropriate to spend one on the Moms of the world.
I could write pages and pages about how I appreciate my wife's skills and efforts at mothering our kids. Then I could write many more about my own Mom. Instead, I submit this link, which provides a humorous, yet universal commentary on Moms.


Camille said...

Don't argue with me! I'm a mom.

I used to tell my contrary NT kid, "You owe me LIFE!" :-)

Beth said...


These days, when everything is 'whyyyy?' sometimes the only thing I can mutter is 'because I SAID so!'

Inadequate, I know!

bullet said...


Another Voice said...

She condensed everything a Mother would say to a teenage boy during a typical month into a few minutes with music. The truth behind the clip creates it’s humor.

mcewen said...

A great giggle for the morning.

mom to max said... sound like such a great dad and husband. if you don't mind i would love to link to you!