Monday, August 11, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I've missed you, readers - all 17 of you!
You may or may not have noticed that I have not been around much lately in the blogosphere. I was on my summer vacation - a respite from blogging and debating and advocating and conferencing and all that.
Not that it has been quiet - far from it!
I have been a keen observer, though. All kinds of things have been happening this summer in the autism communities. Some I have silently cheered, others have left me cringing and wondering when the madness would end. I do rest assured that the efforts I see on an ongoing basis in the more stable, sane corners of the world of autism are working to the benefit of my son and many others like - and not so much like - him.
Taking a step back for a while has also helped me to realize the importance of the message we try to get out here on the Autism Hub. People need to hear us - autistics, parents, professionals, researchers. When I see the sheer volume of oppressive or misguided messages that exist out there, I am resolved to continue to speak to the issues.

Now for a mini-Snippet (this becomes Snippets 3.0):
About an hour ago, J was rooting through the cupboard looking for something to eat. I peeked in there and noticed a bag of sunflower seeds - one of my favorite snacks. I buy the shelled type, as I hate shelling them myself. I grabbed about 4 or 5 seeds out of the bag and encouraged J to try some. Anyone who knows J also knows that he is extremely limited in his diet, and has very powerful sensory reactions (gag and vomit) to a huge range of textures. This is something we have only last week received funding approval to address via OT. But as he matures he has at least shown a willingness to try new things.
So I asked him to try the sunflower seeds, and promptly put these 4 or 5 on his tongue before he could object. I saw the familiar facial expression change, and he began to retch. He spit out the seeds and backed away. Knowing how these things go, and constantly feeling guilty for having to push and push for him to expand his diet in the face of real challenges, I told him I was sorry.
His response?
"I ... I just .... don't want them to grow in my belly!"
Riiiiight. Sunflower seeds.

Just when I think I know why he's doing what he's doing, I am proven wrong again.


Niksmom said...

Brilliant! Your last line say sooooo much! Hope your vacation was, if not quiet, enjoyable. Welcome back.

bullet said...

Well it might happen. You never know :).

Jen said...

They always do manage to surprise us, that's for sure.

I'm glad that you've been enjoying your holiday- sometimes taking a break is a good thing!

Bev said...

The things you people in the floral business will do to increase there really such a shortage of sunflowers that you must resort to this?

Welcome back, Steve! I missed you.

Steve D said...

Niksmom -
Thanks. A brief blog break is good sometimes.

Bullet -
I can certainly understand his concerns as I imagine the result!

Jen -
Thanks for visiting my blog. I read your profile and see that you like cooking. Click on 'food' in my tag cloud to see some posts I've done on that topic.

Bev -
I missed you too!

Club 166 said...

Welcome back!

Just got home from our annual holiday yesterday myself.

Am looking forward to reading what you have to share.


p.s. The mental image of the sunflowers growing in his stomach is pretty funny. :)