Monday, June 23, 2008

Hub Hits The Airwaves!

Can I get a witness?
How about 10's of thousands of witnesses?

That's approximately how many people in Southern California learned about the Autism Hub today, as Bev and I were guests on the popular show "These Days". Here is a link to a brief synopsis of our piece.

If you click on previous shows, you will see some other recent guests.
Last week? Poet Maya Angelou. Astronaut Sally Ride. Former WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan.
This week? Bev and Steve.

We had a 30-minute interview with host Tom Fudge. He asked some very interesting questions, ranging from the basic- "What is the Autism Hub?" - to the more complex "Do you believe Autism is a disability?"

It was my hope that the audio files would be available by now, but they are not. Once they are, I will re-post this entry so you can listen in.

My sincere thanks go to Bev, who allowed me to encourage her to do this.
I also want to thank KPBS and Tom Fudge. No one made them choose to allow a positive message about autism to hit the SoCal airways today, and I appreciate the venue to let some people know the good things that are happening in the autism community.

And thank you to those who have re-posted their favorite entries (Club 166, Brett, others). Between the radio show and the USD conference (the first Hub presentation is tomorrow afternoon) I am expecting some new readers to be coming our way.


isles said...

Fantastic! I think many parents will be relieved to find out there is an alternative to seeing autism as all doom and gloom.

Anonymous said...

Yay Steve, Yay Bev, Yay anyone else who reads/contributes in a positive manner!!

(Yes, some negatives have to be dealt with, but with a good positive approach.)


Club 166 said...

Kudos and props to both you and Bev for doing this.

I feel strongly that it is when members of the Autism Hub do things not on the hub that they have the most impact. Sure, posting on blogs has impact. But when we cross mediums (to letter writing, speaking in public, or taking to the airwaves) the message is magnified by the amount of "new listeners" that it reaches.

Hope the conference is still going well.


Daisy said...

"...allow a positive message about autism to hit the SoCal airways..." May there be many more opportunities to spread the good news and accentuate the positive possibilities.

Sharon said...

Oh well done Steve!

It was brave of you both to face going on the radio, and to a big audience too! What a good way to spread the message.

mike stanton said...

I thought both Bev and yourself were excellent at explaining the complexities in a way that would be intelligable to the average listener without dumbing down. Bravo!

Estee Klar-Wolfond said...

Steve did a fantastic job of getting us all down here and in his presentation...and his mother is a gem too!!