Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Day

In keeping with the style of an earlier post of the same bent, here is a summary of how the D's spent our day. Everything I put on this list is true.

Today, I breakfasted on a homemade fruit salad of Kiwi, Mango, and Nectarine with a squeeze of Lime. I gave Baby C (14 months old) a taste of Kiwi and watched a transformation from normal baby to Kiwi-jonesing baby before my very eyes. He loved it so much, I won't be surprised if his first words have a New Zealand accent.

Today, I drove over 120 miles.

Today, I watched a calico cat traverse a tightrope approximately 40 feet long and approximately 30 feet off the ground, all to the theme song of "Jump!" by Van Halen.

Today, I listened to J in the backseat repeat the phrase "All Hail Plankton" for about 7 or 8 minutes. Plankton, most commonly recognized as a drifting organism that inhabits the pelagic zone of the ocean and is a key component of the oceanic food chain, also happens to be the nefarious (though tiny) arch-villain in Spongebob Squarepants' world. Try sitting in Southern California traffic and listening to "All Hail Plankton" in chant-like monotone to test your sanity sometime.

Today, I devised a plan - with the help of a local carpenter/contractor - to possibly rebuild a workshed on our property. This outbuilding was partially crushed when an ancient California Coastal Live Oak tree collapsed on it last year. With a new wall, a new roof, some window coverings, and a coat of paint we could have ourselves a nice new shed.

Today, I brought home to my wife her very favorite treat - peanut butter/dark chocolate ice cream from our tiny local ice cream parlor. We all deserve a treat sometimes.

Today, I spent a few minutes hoping that a shipment was going smoothly for one of my best customers. I am on vacation this week, and pre-arranged a large, important order for a wedding in Arkansas. It consisted of over 1200 stems of Tulips and French Tulips in pinks and whites, along with Asparagus Myerii and white roses. If anyone reading this likes flowers and wants to know more about the business, check out The Human Flower Project. I have been in contact with them about doing some writing contributions. Its a really good blog/interest site.

Today, I introduced my boys to the musical genius of Rage Against the Machine. Some may disagree with me (most?), but I think this band is artistically and technically among the best I've ever heard. Despite their ear-crunching sound (hey, its an acquired taste!).

Today, I watched a young girl of about 7 years old perform a rendition of "We Are Family" by the Pointer Sisters, complete with over-emoted arm movements and a seemingly fully choreographed spins and hip-swings. This done on a raised platform of a Jungle Gym, and the only audience (besides me sitting at a distance, unnoticed) was my middle son T. He was enthralled.

Today, J won an Orca that he named Shamu and a Dolphin that he named Miss Dolphin. T, on the other hand, won a Penguin that he gave as a gift to his Mom. He also won a Manta Ray that he gave to Baby C. He's a sweet kid.

Today, I sank 63 of 100 free throws. On the last one, I was imagining myself dropping the winning basket to advance University of San Diego to the Sweet 16. I bet no one's ever imagined that before, right?

Today, I opted for the Caesar Salad instead of the Slow-Roasted Beef Sandwich. Good for me, bad for my taste buds.

Today, I had a late dinner. I took the opportunity of eating alone to start Children of Hurin (by JRR and Christopher Tolkein). I've been wanting to read this book as a way to continually feed my utter fascination with the world that sprung forth from the mind of Tolkein. He is a literary treasure, in my opinion.

Today, J waited in lines for the first time without a "disability pass" allowing us/him to enter an attraction without waiting. I think it is a good step, though I fully support that accommodation for those who need it.

Today, I fed a Dolphin by dropping fresh fish in his/her mouth. Ever felt a Dolphin? They feel like hard-molded rubber, not unlike a really smooth tire.

Today, I drove by two of my old College residences. One was in the "Dogpatch" near campus, the other was in Mission Beach. Very nostalgic. Instead of me and my punk friends driving by, it was older me and my great kids.

Today J and T and I unsuccessfully tried to find the "Sunny Jim" Cave in La Jolla. Next time, we'll find it.

Today, I am going to finish the night by watching No Country For Old Men. I am drawn to this movie due to the fact it was written by Cormac McCarthy, whose "The Road" I recently read. "The Road" is one of the bleakest, most difficult novels I've read. McCarthy gives substance to emptiness, if that's possible. Therefore, I expect No Country For Old Men to be of the same vein.

Today, I prepped tomorrow's dinner as follows: Mince together onion, garlic, basil, pancetta, dried oregano and marjoram, olive oil. While continuing to mince, add some Balsamic Vinegar. Once you create a paste, take a while chicken and butterfly it. Stuff paste under all the skin, then rub remaining paste on the outside of the skin. Refrigerate overnight. Tomorrow, I'll arrange it on a pan surrounded by baby Yukon Gold Potatoes. I'll drizzle Balsamic over all, then a sprinkle of Sea Salt. Bake until crispy. Meantime, steam some cauliflower partway. Saute Red Onion in olive oil, then add and brown the cauliflower florets. Add some lemon rind and black pepper and serve with the chicken. Its a meal fit for a Tuscan prince! (And here I give a shout out to new Hub bloggers - the Buongiovannis! Benvenuto, Angelo e familia!)

Today, I realized that my life is less and less resembling what I thought it was going to when we received J's autism diagnosis. This realization runs concurrently to little signs we are seeing in Baby C - just enough to keep us on our toes and watching and wondering...


Sharon said...

Sounds like a good and full day Steve. I think you could keep a food blog, if you could dilate time a bit perhaps. Well done J. for waiting in line. Duncan wouldn't be ready for a long wait yet for something he really wants. You've reminded me to contact our doctor to get a letter about this for Disneyland Paris.

Niksmom said...

Steve, there was somethign very zen-like about this post for me; it was exactly what I needed (and thanks for the chicken recipe).

Sounds like a pretty excellent day to me. Love the waiting in line w/o the pass.

isles said...

This was all one day?!

We have experience with "All Hail Plankton" ourselves.

Club 166 said...

Why do your days always sound so much more interesting than mine?


Anonymous said...
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