Sunday, May 27, 2007


This is a partial list of some things that I did today, or that happened to me today. Everything I put on this list is true.

Today I added blueberries to my cereal to give it a little extra 'pop', as well as some antioxidant power.
Today I encouraged my son Jason to swim "overarm" so he could successfully race his brother (armed with a floatie) to the end of the pool.
Today I filled my wife's mini-van with gas to the tune of around $40. It was only a half-tank.
Today I fed my baby boy his bottle while parked in a box-store parking lot, the a/c running, the kids in the store with their Mom, listening on the radio to Michael Savage talk about the new immigration bill passed by the U.S. Senate on AM 760.
Today I fed an Australian Lorakeet sweet nectar while it was perched on my extended hand.
Today I considered the fact that my autistic son may find his joy in working with animals, and may not.
Today I ate a Tangelo, fresh off the tree. Next week maybe some peaches will be ready.
Today I realized that I have spent over 3000 days with my wife, and just how lucky of a man I am.
Today I play-acted - using action figures - Diego (Dora's cousin) hang-gliding from a glacier to save a Sloth who was stranded on a mountain, and drove him off to safety in a dogsled pulled by a dolphin. What the hell am I teaching my kids?
Today I watched my dog - a black lab tipping the scales at over 100 lbs. - sitting in a patch of wispy pink flowers and lovingly savoring a fresh avocado that had fallen off a tree. How I wish I had the camera at that moment.
Today I grew angry - yes, actually became angry (mildly, as I have a very long temper) at my son Colin for crying too much. Colin is under 5 months old. I should be clubbed for that particular emotion at that particular time.
Today I met a one-eyed African antelope, who chose not to shun me even though I had no food pellets to offer him. He also patiently stood while my son Jason petted him roughly.
Today I drove almost 100 miles.
Today I realized - not for the first time - that my son Tyler's emotional enthusiasm makes him as endearing as it does frustrating. That kid is a handful!
Today one of my sons fed ice cream to another one.
Today I watched 1-1/2 episodes of a great sitcom called Scrubs, and thoroughly enjoyed every hilarious minute of it.
Today Tyler chose a Fox (which was actually a Lemur) and Jason chose a Rhinoceros. This is no indication of personality type - it was just random selection.
Today I had a delicious, warm quesadilla of fresh Cotija cheese with roasted Jalapeno peppers, accompanied by sweet corn cake and pork carnitas, prepared Michoacan-style.
Today I read a passage from a book from a wonderful author. It said,"Love is only embarrassing to those who cannot love." I immediately wanted to grab my wife and kids, pull them into a town square (any town will do) and declare my undying love for them. But they are asleep. Maybe tomorrow.
Today I enjoyed that special sensation of chilly night air caressing my mildly sunburnt cheeks. I love that.
Today Jason said the following to just about anyone he met: "What's your name? I'm Jason. I'm a boy." Have any words sounded sweeter? I don't think so. Especially when a little over a year ago we did not know if Jason would be able to speak.
Today I realized that blogging is tremendously draining on one's imagination and creative furnace, and I have new-found respect for those I have read over the past couple of years.
Today I realized that my life is moving forward at a hasty pace, and there is little I can do to stop it, much less slow it down. Therefore, I am going to go along for the ride and try to make sure that I and my loved ones arrive at the end in the best possible condition.

All in a Dad's day's work.


notmercury said...

Hey Steve,
Thanks for those moments. I really enjoyed reading these and now I am jealous of your quesadilla y carnitas.

Your dog is as unique as mine. Hilarious.

Niksmom said...

Wow, what a wonderfully full day! I love that you counted the days with your wife, that you aren't afraid to play-act with your children (BTW, you are teaching them about limitless imagination), I cracked up at the image of your dog among the flowers, and I LOVE that Jason was "interviewing" everyone! I can't wait to read more about "the ride" as it unfolds.

Club 166 said...

Loved this-

...I filled my wife's mini-van with gas to the tune of around $40. It was only a half-tank....

...I fed my baby boy his bottle while parked in a box-store parking lot, the a/c running, the kids in the store with their Mom,...

...I drove almost 100 miles. ...

Our lives are filled with contradictions, which we are endlessly forced to reconcile. Or not.

Alyric said...

Steve mate

You have about ten times as much energy as I do. I was exhausted after the first paragraph.

Do'C said...

Man, that does sound line one very full day! What a great post.

Another Voice said...

Curiously, at some time in the future, you and your wife will look back fondly on those days and remember how relaxing it was when the boys were little.

mcewen said...

Oh yes - I feel like we are permanently of 'fast forward' these days.
Best wishes

Steve D said...

NM - Dogs are the greatest, aren't they?
Niksmom - Stay tuned for more - unless my creative juices run dry sometime soon.
Club166 - The same thought occurred to me as I re-read this post. Ah, well. C'est la vie.
Alyric - Funny thing is, I am a low-energy guy. I operate at the minimum amount of energy required for any given situation. Thing is, lots of energy is required for 3 little boys. Lots.
Do'C, AV, and McEwen - thanks for your comments. We've all had days like this - fun but exhausting.

pickel said...

Today I read your blog for the first time and smiled. I needed it. Thank you.