Friday, April 13, 2007

Taking up the Pen

I have never kept a diary or any kind of journal. I didn't work for the school paper. I struggle with Thank-You notes. Interoffice Memos do not come easily to me. When I handwrite I only use block letters, as cursive is a skill lost to me since junior high.
And yet here I sit, writing.
I am a husband to one, father to three, son to two, brother to one, brother-in-law to four, uncle to three (so far), and employer to around 40.
I have one son, my oldest, who was diagnosed with autism about two years ago. Though at the time this discovery was a very difficult and emotional event for my immediate family, we have come to learn that my son's neurological differences are value-neutral. They are neither good nor bad. They are what they are. And I am an improved person for having been fortunate enough to have this little fellow impact my life.
It occurs to me that, years from now, these words will be accessible to all three of my sons. At this very moment these words are able to be read by the other people who I value so much in my life. In no way do I mean to diminish their impact on me by applying focus on my oldest boy. What makes the impact he has on me so notable - and provides the primary motivation for putting my thoughts "on paper" - is this:
Through the experience of raising him through his first 5+ years of life, I have unlearned so many things I thought I knew and learned so many things I never expected to care about. This is also true of my other two boys (one of whom is 4 years old, the other 3 months), but is certainly accentuated by his behavioral and sensory differences.

As I explore and improve on the process of posting my thoughts to a silent audience, I may talk about any number of things, including the flower business (my profession), marriage (my foundation), fatherhood (my devotion), and autism (my inspiration).
For those of you who are interested in stopping by for a look; thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment.